Our story

Imagine a quiet valley surrounded by hills and forests, a place where about 400 souls live, a place where from May until the first snowfall every evening at sunset, children and adults go out to the gate to enjoy the village feast. Children get excited, laugh and run after the animals from the pasture. People meet, handshakes and smiles are shared and the village ends its day,

Some adults just admire and enjoy the simplicity of the place, that feeling of being closer to the origins, while others wait for their animals to take them to the shelter. One such place is the village of Mercheașa, located an hour’s drive from Brașov. And in the center of this village, far from the crowd and stress of the city, directly opposite the fortified church, is the Meburger House 279. Our guest house, the construction of which required a lot of sweat and soul, and which after a long journey opened its the gates to the reception of guests. 

As children, Maria and Elena, two sisters who grew up in the neighboring house, looked forward to the moment of the day when they would rush to their neighbor Katharina Meburger’s house, attracted by the smell of freshly baked Kekse. Tanti Treni, as the people of the village called her, was a woman with a big heart, she loved children and always left the smallest window in the street open so that the two girls could come visit when they wanted. While playing or baking cakes and cookies together, the sisters laid the foundations of the German language without knowing that it would shape their future.

Tanti Treni was a nurse and a concentration camp survivor and her desire to help others inspired the entire community. When the idea of opening a boarding house came later in life, the sisters knew exactly where and the name of the place would be: Meburger House 279 – the rebirth of a house and, hopefully, the resuscitation of an entire community.